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Business Bytes: The Future of Casual Employment

12 July 2017
Presenters: Lucy Shanahan

As part of K&L Gates' Business Bytes video series, Lucy Shanahan, discusses the future of casual employment in Australia.

Transcript of Video
What businesses need to know is that as part of the regular Modern Award review process, the Fair Work Commission has handed down a decision which allows a certain group of casuals to make an application for conversion from casual employment to permanent employment. Businesses need to know because even though the changes haven't been implemented yet, they will be in the second half of this year. So a draft model clause has been proposed which sets out the criteria:

  • a qualifying period of 12 months
  • regular and systematic hours over that 12 month period 
  • a requirement that all employers give their casuals a copy of this clause in the first 12 months of their engagement 
  • and also provides employers with the right to reject a request for conversion in certain circumstances.

Employers should really start looking at the casuals they engage now, look at those longer term casuals, the hours that they work and how regular those hours are. Also think about anything that’s happening in your business over the next 12 months that might actually impact the number of hours your casual employees are working.