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Business Bytes: Capital Raising with ICOs

September 2017
Presenters: Jim Bulling

As part of the K&L Gates Business Bytes series, Melbourne partner, Jim Bulling, discusses a new form of capital raising with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).


Transcript of Video
Businesses need to know there's a new form of capital raising out there, known as Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs. ICOs are getting a lot more attention and are being talked about as a realistic alternative for emerging companies to the more conventional IPO capital raise.

Because there is a competition for capital out there, boards and CEOs need to assess whether an ICO is a realistic proposition for their company. Or risk spending time and money on the wrong strategy.

Firstly, CEOs and boards need to be able to look through all the hype and noise around ICOs. Mistakes have been made in the early days of ICOs and they have caught the attention of regulators both here and offshore. So when looking at an ICO, boards will need to stay ahead of the regulatory curve. There's no doubt there's money out there for ICOs but they still require care and effort.