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Global Supply Chain Risk: Corporate Exposure for Human Trafficking, Forced Labor and Human Rights Abuses

October 2017

Listen to Recording (CLE/CPD Credit Available)

For modern business, an ethical supply chain is no longer merely a “feel good” PR tool; rather, it is rapidly becoming the standard required of companies by consumers, shareholders, lenders, litigants, and also more commonly, sovereigns. Multi-national corporations with global supply chains are facing increasing disclosure obligations and risk of misconduct by their suppliers, including involvement in human trafficking, forced labor, and human rights abuses. This kind of misconduct in a supply chain not only offends notions of human dignity and good corporate citizenship, but it can also result in severe damage to the company’s brand(s), loss of goodwill, lost profits, shareholder value, diminished access to capital, and even fines and penalties.
This webinar provides an overview of this growing area of risk, including: 

  • What is the regulatory framework and what affirmative obligations apply to my company?
    • Which laws apply to US multi-national companies and what are the key elements of each?
    • What is the impact of international conventions and standards?
  • What potential exposure could my company face?
    • What is the regulatory enforcement risk? What are the potential fines and penalties?
    • What is the litigation risk?
    • What is the reputational and other risk?
  • What can I do to identify and manage this kind of global supply chain risk?
    • What are some commercially reasonable (if not best practices) approaches?
    • How can I leverage my existing internal controls, policies, and procedures?
    • How do I get my suppliers to buy in? 

Who would benefit from this seminar? 

  • General Counsel, Risk Managers, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CCOs, Procurement Officers and Public Relations Managers.