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Optimizing Your Brand Equity and Distribution Strategy

The first program in our Facing the Future of Luxury and Fashion webinar series
17 April 2018

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The webinar explores global developments in competition law as well as sharing perspectives on the U.S., European, and Asian markets.

Our panelists address:

  • Differences between the U.S. concepts of Minimum Advertised Price ("MAP"), Unilateral Pricing Policies ("UPP"), and the European concept of Selective Distribution strategy
  • The key regional differences and ensuing risk mitigation strategies between the U.S. and EU, in light of recent enforcement developments (Coty, Asics, Ping)
  • Pricing strategy options and risks: permissible resale price maintenance strategies and common missteps in monitoring and enforcing pricing policies in the U.S. vs. the stricter approach in the EU (in particular in light of recent statements by European competition authorities on pricing algorithms and AI)
  • Cost effective strategies for suppressing parallel import or gray market products

Please be on the lookout for further webinars in this series which will cover:

  • E-Commerce and GDPR - in June
  • Financing / Refinancing
  • IP / Trademarks and Designs
  • Commercial Contracts