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GC University - Session Three - Commercial Contracting and Insurance Coverage

July 2018

Listen to Recording (CLE/CPD Credit Available)

This program focuses on the topics that attendees at our first two GC University programs requested - commercial contracting and insurance coverage.

To start, our speakers cover the top three things every in-house counsel should know about insurance in several common situations, including when you buy a policy, when you suffer a loss or face a claim, when you settle a claim, when you negotiate a commercial contract and when you negotiate an acquisition.

In addition, our speakers focus a presentation on the drafting of commercial contracts and what measures that in-house counsel can take when preparing the contracts.

Three Things Inside Counsel Should Know About Insurance: Avoiding Traps and Seizing Opportunities in Several Common Situations
  • Jeffrey J. Meagher, Partner, Pittsburgh
  • Jacquelyn S. Celender, Associate, Pittsburgh

Danger--Crocodiles in Commercial Contract Drafting
  • Susan P. Altman, Partner, Pittsburgh
  • David R. Osipovich, Associate, Pittsburgh