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OnRisk: Insurance for Cyber Risk in M&A Transactions

A HUB Talks Podcast
29 October 2018

Cyber due diligence is quickly becoming the “new normal” for buyers in M&A transactions as they seek to protect themselves against cyber risk. Cyber due diligence, however, is only part of the solution. Many sophisticated buyers are also relying on insurance, including representations and warranties insurance and cyber insurance, to protect themselves against cyber risk in the M&A context. In this episode of OnRisk, Jennifer Thiem and Jeff Meagher discuss insurance for cyber risk in M&A transactions, including best practices and potential pitfalls.

About OnRisk
OnRisk has been created by the K&L Gates Insurance Coverage practice to discuss insurance topics from a policyholder's perspective. It is part of the HUB Talks podcast which covers critical issues at the intersection of business and law.

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