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FinTech Forward: The OCC FinTech Charter

A HUB Talks Podcast
3 April 2019
Presenters: John ReVeal

In this episode, John ReVeal discusses the background of OCC special purpose charter for FinTechs, including authority and scope. The episode also addresses the concerns and requirements for most FinTechs, including the specific impact and major themes underlying the OCC Charter.

This podcast episode is a recording of a recent webinar that discussed the OCC FinTech Charter.

About FinTech Forward
FinTech Forward was created by K&L Gates lawyers to provide timely updates on emerging developments and cutting-edge advancements trending in FinTech. This podcast will showcase how our lawyers help clients navigate the business, regulatory, and policy issues surrounding the FinTech space and develop innovative solutions to meet their business goals. FinTech Forward will also feature interviews with FinTech industry leaders who will provide valuable insight for those operating in or around financial technology and financial services. It is part of the HUB Talks podcast series, which covers critical issues at the intersection of business and law.

Catch-up on past episodes by visiting the FinTech Forward section of our HUB Talks program page.

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