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Global Supply, Global Risk: How To Manage Supply Chain Risks In A Globalized Food Industry

June 2019

 Watch Recording (CLE/CPD Credit Available)

Food and beverage companies increasingly operate in a globalized marketplace. They must protect themselves from the financial consequences of food contamination and recall events, which frequently come from international suppliers and span borders. Companies face heightened risks from labeling and marketing claims, both domestically and internationally. And each local jurisdiction poses unique risks and widely varying regulations that address potential unethical or illegal conduct within their supply chains.

During this program, the panel analyzes today’s risk environment for food and beverage companies, as well as innovative insurance solutions that mitigate supply chain and other risks. The panel helps attendees identify practical solutions that enhance protections against risk, even in rapidly changing areas of the industry and economy.

Topics discussed include:

  • Identifying supply chain contamination risk and other supply chain risks;
  • Understanding and evaluating third party claims from customers for recall related expenses and lost profits, including related coverage issues;
  • Developing best practices in claim presentation, including how best to quantify and document a claim and the appropriate role of brokers in presenting the claim; and
  • Discussing key trends and hot topics in the food, agriculture, and beverage related insurance law.


  • Jonathan Cohen, Partner, K&L Gates LLP
  • Kevin Loar, Senior Vice President, Partner, Woodruff Sawyer 
  • Brad Murlick, Managing Director, BDO 
  • Daniel Ruehle, Director, BDO

Moderated by:

  • Matthew Ball, Partner, K&L Gates LLP