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Stopping Traffick: What U.S. Government Contractors Need to Know

A HUB Talks Podcast
2 July 2019
Presenters: Amy L. Groff

In this episode of Stopping Traffick, Amy Groff will discuss the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) that addresses human trafficking. She’ll provide an overview of the requirements that apply to all U.S. government contractors under the FAR, as well as the more rigorous requirements that apply to contracts exceeding $500,000 for goods produced or services provided outside the U.S. She’ll also highlight some best practices and ways to mitigate the potentially harsh consequences of a violation.

About Stopping Traffick
Stopping Traffick has been created by the K&L Gates Ethical Supply Chain Task Force and addresses topics that are important for corporations with complex supply chains by highlighting the specific risks of human trafficking and forced labor in a company’s supply chain that are often unknown and how to best avoid this and its many adverse consequences.  It is part of the HUB Talks podcast which covers critical issues at the intersection of business and law.

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