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Client Conversations: Interview with Megaport General Counsel Anna Tichborne

4 September 2019
Presenters: Craig W. Budner

In this episode, Craig Budner interviews Anna Tichborne, General Counsel of Megaport. Megaport was founded in Australia by industry expert and entrepreneur Bevan Slattery, who aimed to create a platform that gave customers  access to elastic interconnection services. Slattery wanted customers to have greater simplicity, control, and choice over how they connected to and between the services, applications, providers, and networks they needed for their businesses.  Their mission is to take everything we know about traditional networking – flip it and reverse it – and put the power back into the hands of the consumer.  Their product offers consumers network connectivity with global availability, right-sized bandwidth, and on-demand consumption.


  • Career/life paths aren’t always straight: Lean into discomfort sometimes to learn something new.
  • There is strength in numbers: Building a strong network provides growth opportunities and potential career opportunities.
  • Be humble: Relate to all levels of a business with the ability to understand, relate, and personally connect with each person.
  • Fail well: When you fail, acknowledge, admit, and learn to move on quickly.
  • Understand the business: Become an expert at your business so that you are ready and able to relay the information to any level.

Client Conversations features interviews with legal buyers, business partners, innovators and industry leaders to share our collaborative insights across the marketplace. We hope these discussions help you further understand the paths that outstanding professionals in the legal and business communities travel, learn about what they are looking for in their counselors, and the nuanced decision-making of business and legal leaders in various industries.

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