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Distressed Solutions: Don’t Get Lost in the Weeds in Agriculture Bankruptcies

A HUB Talks Podcast
4 December 2019

Agricultural bankruptcies present special and specific issues. The nature of the collateral and the seasonality of the business present a host of questions that need to get answered in order to preserve any value in the estate. From pickles to PACA and everything in between, Margaret Westbrook (Raleigh) and Brandy Sargent (Portland) share their experiences and insights on family farms, agribusiness, and what the future might hold for agricultural bankruptcies.

About Distressed Solutions
The Restructuring & Insolvency Group at K&L Gates prides itself on finding solutions for our clients who are facing all kinds of financial distress. Sometimes the client itself is in distress; more often, they have a customer, vendor, borrower, acquisition target, or a portfolio company that is. Our attorneys help clients find the best solutions for each and every one of these situations that minimizes downside risk and maximizes potential upside. This podcast will showcase those practitioners and how they have helped solve these problems.

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