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Client Conversations: Interview with A. H. Algosaibi & Bros. General Counsel Brett Walter

HUB Talks Podcast
11 May 2020
Presenters: Craig W. Budner

In this episode, Craig Budner interviews Brett Walter, General Counsel at A. H. Algosaibi & Bros.  Listen to how this Wyoming native, turned from being a sociologist to a big-law-firm attorney, and then went in-house to a Saudi Arabia company.  Brett is currently guiding the company through the “Bernie Madoff of the Middle East” crisis situation while utilizing his unique skill set built along his career path.  

Key Takeaways:

1. After obtaining your degree, be ready for unexpected career opportunities: What you plotted as the path when you started law school might look very different. Be open to the pivot.

2. Mentor - Learn from a mentor who expects you to be good at your job but also knows you probably don’t know what you are doing, which is OK. Try to have a mentor who helps you look for solutions rather than just spotting the issues or problems.

3. Go to court - Try to "go to court" even though you might not be quite ready. Take chances, learn from your mistakes, and try not to be overly cautious. Have the mindset that not everyone knows what they are doing. You can do it, and when you do make a mistake, just own it.

4. Be nimble - Try not to be on a single set course. Be courageous to change paths at any time in your career and have the practiced confidence to make it work.

5. Find a way to relate to different people and cultures - Harness the ability to quickly pick up on the social cues and apply what you can. Grow accustomed to the discomfort and figure out the next step. Be curious!

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