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A Eurozone Break-up: Potential Legal Pitfalls

17 January 2012
Presenters: Alice N. Bell

While the December Summit of the European Council served to illustrate the Eurozone members' firm commitment to the Euro, it failed to address the current Euro crisis head-on and the proposed intergovernmental agreement - the scope of which remains unclear - will not be signed until March 2012. As such, the risk of a Eurozone break-up and of individual E.U. Member States defaulting remains.

In this seminar, we will looked at the legal aspects of the Euro and considered:

  • The legal principles associated with redenomination of the Euro
  • A Eurozone break-up: the possible scenarios - complete, partial, legal or illegal
  • Implications for Euro denominated funds and contracts
  • Contingency plans: what should you be doing now?