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California Employment Law Webinar: Independent Contractor versus Employee Status in California

7 March 2012

To listen to the webinar recording, click here.

Webinar Details

On February 9, 2012, California became the 12th state to join with DOL on a Joint Task Force to crack down on independent contractor misclassification.

Proper classification of independent contractor versus employee issues have long been a vexing area of concern for employers. Now a new California law, effective January 1, imposes substantial penalties on employers who "willfully" misclassify employees as independent contractors. Moreover, the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Department of Labor, and currently at least 12 states, including most recently California on February 9, 2012, have joined together in an effort to hunt down employers who are misclassifying their employees.

In this California Employment Law Webinar, the lawyers reviewed the new California law and the IRS/DOL joint task force MOU, and steps employers can take to reduce their risk.

Topics included:

  • Why classification matters;
  • The new 2012 California law;
  • The IRS/DOL Joint Task Force and State MOU;
  • What is an independent contractor?
  • How different agencies in California and the IRS analyze whether someone is misclassified;
  • Risks of misclassification; and
  • Common mistakes employers make.