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Robertson M. Noreus

Staff Lawyer
Fax +1.206.623.7022
Robertson Noreus is a staff lawyer in K&L Gates’ e-discovery analysis and technology group. His practice includes working on complex commercial and business litigations, arbitrations, and government and internal investigations. He manages and oversees the document collection, searching and culling, review, and production of client material to opposing parties and government agencies in response to requests for productions and subpoenas. He specializes in managing and developing strategies for large scale document reviews, and using predictive analytics to cull down the volume of material to review to improve efficiencies and reduce costs, and quickly identify relevant client material as soon as possible. He is recognized as a Certified Associate in Project Management by the Project Management Institute and has also completed Relativity Administrator training courses.
  • In the King County / Travelers litigation, Mr. Noreus manages a document collection of over 6,000,000 documents and a large document review project by effectively using both search terms and predictive analytics. Extensive client collections were conducted from over 100 custodians of both historical hard copy documents going back 70+ years and electronically stored information. During the ongoing litigation, over 4,000,000 pages of documents have been produced to opposing parties over the course of 100 productions. The team assists co-counsel prepare for over 50 client and opposing party depositions by running complex queries against client material, identifying key documents for use during depositions, and creating witness binders for attorney preparation and use during the depositions.
  • In the CBI / Russia investigation, Mr. Noreus manages a document collection of nearly 7,500,000 documents and a document review team of 20 reviewers, and extensively uses predictive analytics to significantly reduce the document review volume. He also works with co-counsel to identify and prepare client material for use during witness interviews.