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Skylor D. Hearn

Government Affairs Advisor
Fax +1.512.482.6859
Skylor Hearn is a government affairs advisor in the firm’s Austin office. He is a member of the public policy and law practice group. His experience includes extensive work with the Office of the Governor, the Texas Legislature, and state agencies on appropriations and regulatory programs as well as government contracting, criminal justice, and public safety. From his years of government service and participation in national organizations and committees, Mr. Hearn has an established network and relationships with elected leaders, agency leaders, and corporate executives at all levels, both in Texas and nationally.

Professional Background

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Hearn served more than 27 years in law enforcement and public safety, before retiring in 2020 as a Lieutenant Colonel with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS). In his final DPS role, he directed eight major divisions made up of more than 5,000 personnel and led diverse programs with client and customer-service focused missions.

Additionally, these areas included highly specialized programs including cyber security and information technology; state medical cannabis operations; budget and appropriations; government contracting and procurement; criminal justice and biometric data systems; forensic laboratories, as well as land-mobile, satellite and broadband communications. Mr. Hearn also provided expert testimony and presentations to state and federal legislative bodies on a variety of related topics.

Mr. Hearn is an avid proponent of health, wellness, and physical fitness for law enforcement officers as well as all first responders and the general population. He oversaw and participated in the development of the DPS’ nationally recognized physical fitness and wellness initiatives.

As a law enforcement officer for the agency, Mr. Hearn spent much of his career as a criminal investigator in the agency’s narcotics service and the Texas Ranger Division conducting and supervising complex and high profile criminal investigations at the state and federal level, including capital crimes and public corruption as well as sensitive administrative misconduct cases.

Mr. Hearn also served as an adjunct professor of Criminal Justice with Austin Community College.

Professional/Civic Activities

  • Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
  • Served on IACP Criminal Justice Information Systems Committee
  • Served on IACP Forensic Science Committee