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Takahiro Hoshino

Fax +81.3.3597.6421

Mr. Hoshino is a partner in the Tokyo office who focuses on domestic and international corporate law. He advises clients on a variety of legal matters in relation to corporate transactions, including strategic restructures, joint ventures, M&A, leasing, financing and other financial transactions.

Mr. Hoshino also advises on disputes including domestic and international labor law, litigation and judgments. Drawing on his experiences as judge, he is frequently involved in lawsuit cases. In addition, he assists clients with strategic legal matters including corporate restructuring and complaints handling.

Mr. Hoshino has represented clients in a range of industries including the information technology, health, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, real estate, sports and health food sectors.

Professional Background

Mr. Hoshino joined the firm in 2014. Prior to K&L Gates, he was a judge at Tokyo District Court and Utsunomiya District Court and, more recently, managed his own practice in Tokyo.

  • Assisted Japanese companies and subsidiaries with inbound visa requirements, such as Certificate of Eligibility and visa applications.
  • Acted for subsidiaries of foreign companies in Japan and Japanese companies in matters before the labor tribunal and labor relations commission in respect of collective bargaining and general disputes.
  • Provided advice to subsidiaries of foreign companies in Japan and Japanese companies concerning matters related to personnel and labor affairs, including dismissals, demotions, wage system changes, mental health issues, labor accidents, and claims for payment of overtime.
  • Advised and assisted with negotiations for compensation concerning employees of a oversea plant for a major Japanese engineering firm.
  • Provided support and advice on the introduction and implementation of a restructure at subsidiaries of foreign companies in Japan and Japanese companies.
  • Advised handling of lawsuits involving Japanese companies, which took place in Japan and other countries such as collection of funds suffered by ponzi scheme transaction in the United States, issues arising from securities transaction in Hong Kong and trademark infringement case in Malaysia
  • Advised on and prepared written contracts concerning the introduction and development of new types of leases by a leasing company, including leasing of buildings to large-scale shopping malls and factories, development of facility leasing, and documentation,
  • Assisted in the preparation of contracts for Japan’s first energy service business.
  • Advised a major semiconductor manufacturer on its alliance with a Japanese venture firm.
  • Advised a major leasing company during a merger and acquisition.
  • Engaged in the development and implementation of strategies and negotiations with financial institutions for the revival of a construction company and other companies facing business difficulties.
  • Advised a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of medical equipment and health foods regarding compliance with various Acts, including the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, the Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representation, and consumer protection laws.
  • Drafted contracts related to the development and licensing of software, biotechnology and movies.
  • Assisted clients with syndicated loans and medium-term notes.
  • Advised on leveraged leasing of aircraft and trains.
  • Advised on equity finance such as Eurobonds, exchangeable notes, exchangeable bonds, and MSCB (Moving Strike Convertible Bond).
  • Advised on composition of funds concerning investments in real estate, commodities, securities, movies and others.
  • Advised on international real estate development projects in Australia and the United States.
  • Advised on white-collar crimes such as violation of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Act for Securing the Proper Operation of Worker Dispatching Undertakings and Improved Working Conditions for Dispatched Workers.
  • Responding to a large-scale class-action lawsuit filed by hundreds of plaintiffs against a major leasing company (ongoing).