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Trudy D. Tessaro

Staff Lawyer
Fax +1.206.723.7022

Ms. Tessaro is the newest member of the firm’s e-Discovery Analysis & Technology (e-DAT) group, focusing her practice on developing e-DAT’s Litigation & Trial Support and Corporate Due Diligence & Post-Merger Contract Management key products. 

Ms. Tessaro has worked with the firm in various roles since 1997.  Most recently, as Counsel in the Commercial Disputes group, she collaborated with litigation partners on a wide variety of litigation matters, planning strategies and estimating litigation budgets, drafting all manner of pleadings and motions, conducting fact and expert discovery, and preparing for and conducting trial.  A quick study, Ms. Tessaro was approached at critical points in litigation – often just before or during trial -- to analyze thorny legal issues, draft complex jury instructions and verdict forms, evaluate documents, or select relevant deposition testimony to present in support of our clients’ claims or defenses.  She has extensive experience in all types of civil litigation, at all stages on the litigation continuum, and has managed large projects with teams of more junior lawyers.

With over 25 years’ experience in civil litigation, Ms. Tessaro is particularly adept at project management in complex cases.  She has overseen the preparation of initial disclosures and production of documents served on the same day in 35 related cases, and has orchestrated the filing of multiple, successful motions for summary judgment in an environmental case involving hundreds of properties and plaintiffs.  As a trial team member, she has worked closely with trial consultants to frame issues, design exhibits, prepare witnesses, synthesize and analyze juror information for use in voir dire of large pools of potential jurors, and develop materials for presenting deposition testimony to the jury.  As part of a trial support team in another case, she took the lead on drafting objections and responses to objections during the deposition designation process.  In addition, she researched and drafted supplemental jury instructions and contemporaneous motions in limine as the need arose during trial. 

Outside of the litigation context, Ms. Tessaro has helped coordinate antitrust and business sensitivity review of client documents and information disclosed in complex due diligence matters. 

She has also spent time focused on e-discovery issues throughout her career.  Between 2004 and 2008, Ms. Tessaro was the sole author and editor of the e-DAT group’s E-Discovery Law Blog (http://www.ediscoverylaw.com).  Ms. Tessaro monitored new developments in this constantly evolving area, researching state and federal decisions and court rules, and writing articles and CLE materials relating to e-discovery.  Having analyzed virtually all significant e-discovery decisions from courts around the country, Ms. Tessaro designed the group’s searchable E-Discovery Case Database, and implemented a major re-design of the database after the 2006 E-discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure went into effect.  Ms. Tessaro has continued to assist with e-discovery projects and articles periodically.

Professional Background

Ms. Tessaro began working at the firm in 1997. Previously, she was an associate at a national plaintiffs’ class action firm in Los Angeles.  Ms. Tessaro was among the class action attorneys representing plaintiffs in the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Litigation, and was a member of both the state and federal trial teams that tried the cases to juries in 1994.  Ms. Tessaro started her legal career in California as a litigation associate and summer associate working for a large international law firm based in Los Angeles.


  • Recipient of “Trial Lawyer of the Year” award given by Trial Lawyers for Public Justice to members of the federal plaintiffs’ trial team in the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Litigation (1995)

Additional Information

  • “E-Discovery (Re)Sources Abound,” King County Bar Bulletin (August 2008) (with Todd Nunn)
  • Chapter 2: Preservation of Electronically Stored Information, “Understanding the New E-Discovery Rules” (DRI Defense Library Series 2006) (with Todd Nunn, et al.)