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Sustainable Outlook

Sustainability is a critical issue for businesses. However, sustainability today is about creating a sustainable economy for shareholders, workers, customers, and community now and in the future. As such, businesses everywhere should consider how to implement ecologically responsible practices, be a socially responsible business, engage positively with their community, and create a healthy workforce. To do this, they must navigate legal, financial, and regulatory challenges in every sector of their business. In this podcast, our hosts interview industry leaders who share their perspectives and how they identify and implement policies and action to create a sustainable economy.

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2 May 2023
Powering the Green Grid With Janice Lin of Strategen and the Green Hydrogen Coalition

Janice Lin, founder and CEO of impact-driven consulting firm Strategen, joins host Molly Barker to discuss promising developments for the renewable energy sector in the United States and across the globe.

25 April 2023
Creating Opportunity for Customers With Bentina Terry of Georgia Power

In this episode, Elizabeth Crouse meets with Bentina Terry, Senior Vice President of Georgia Power’s Customer Strategy and Solutions, to discuss the tools available to utilities to address the operational pressures of climate change and an evolving economy while always putting their customers and communities first.

6 April 2023
Building a Low-Carbon Pacific Northwest With Rachel Brombaugh of PACE Equity

Our guest on this episode of Sustainable Outlook concentrates on the financial facets of resource efficiency in order to slow, reduce, and reverse these effects on both ecosystems and communities.

23 March 2023
Sustainable Outlook: Bringing the Energy Sector Up to Code With Monique Dyers of Ensight Energy Consulting

In this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Alyssa Moir is joined by Monique Dyers, principal and CEO of Ensight Energy Consulting.

15 December 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Enhancing Regional Sustainability With Kathleen Hurley of the Port of Seattle

Host Molly Barker is joined by Kathleen Hurley, Senior Environmental Program Manager with the Port of Seattle.

6 December 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Making Waves in Maritime Sustainability With Dr. Eleanor Kirtley of Green Marine

Host Alyssa Moir is joined by Dr. Eleanor Kirtley, Senior Program Manager with maritime environmental certification program Green Marine.

15 November 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Navigating the Waters of Ocean Energy Management With Jen Miller of BOEM

In this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Elizabeth Crouse is joined by Jen Miller with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). 

26 October 2022
Sustainable Outlook: On the Fast Track to Commercial Fusion With Jennifer Ganten of Commonwealth Fusion Systems

In this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Molly Barker is joined by Jennifer Ganten, Chief Movement Builder with Commonwealth Fusion Systems.

12 September 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Diversifying the Conservation Conversation With Erin Meyer of the Seattle Aquarium

On this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Molly Barker sits down with Dr. Erin Meyer, Director of Conservation Programs and Partnerships for the Seattle Aquarium.

25 August 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Approaching Sustainability From All Angles With Nicole DeNamur of Sustainable Strategies

On this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Molly Barker is joined by Nicole DeNamur, founder of Seattle sustainable consulting firm Sustainable Strategies, to discuss the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to climate change and sustainability. 

18 August 2022
Sustainable Outlook: The U.S. Tax Credit Revolution

In a special episode, Elizabeth Crouse, tax lawyer and practice group coordinator of the K&L Gates Power group, discusses the winners, losers, and many other highlights of the new U.S. federal income tax credit rules just enacted in the Inflation Reduction Act.

11 August 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Offshore Wind's Potential as a National Resource With Amanda Schoen of Vestas

Elizabeth Crouse is joined this week by Amanda Schoen, U.S. Public Affairs Specialist for Offshore Wind with Vestas, a global energy industry partner for sustainable energy solutions.

29 July 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Leading the Renewables Market With Sarah Aftergood, Director of Environmental Permitting, Orsted

In this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Alyssa Moir is joined by Sarah Aftergood, director of environmental permitting with Orsted, a leading developer of renewable energy.

14 July 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Developing the Economy and Getting to Scale Using Today's Supply Chain With Adrienne Downey of Hexicon AB

In this episode of Sustainable Outlook, Adrienne Downey, Principal Engineer and Country Manager for the United States at Hexicon AB, joins host Elizabeth Crouse to discuss innovation, infrastructure, and inclusion in the floating offshore wind industry.

30 June 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Opportunities for Offshore Wind in Oregon With Alana Duerr, Director of U.S. Projects, Simply Blue Group

In this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Elizabeth Crouse is joined by Alana Duerr, Director of U.S. Projects with Simply Blue Group, an early-stage developer of sustainable floating wind projects. 

21 June 2022
Sustainable Outlook: ClimateTech Angel Investing: One of the Keys to Propelling Next Generation Sustainability Innovation

On this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Molly Barker is joined by Kristin Martinez, an angel investor who has 30+ years of experience in new venture creation, financing, strategic planning, corporate finance and operations, and who has spent the past 20+ years as a founder, CFO, investor, director, and advisor to clean-tech companies through her venture development company, Sound Point Ventures.

9 June 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Considering the Potential of the U.S. Offshore Wind Market with Cerianne Cummings, Offshore Wind Market Director of Kent Wind Energy

In this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Elizabeth Crouse is joined by Offshore Wind Market Director Cerianne Cummings of Kent, a global multidisciplinary scientific consulting and engineering firm supporting the offshore wind and other industries.

24 May 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Paving the Waterway to Marketplace Efficiency with Kristina Ribellia, Founder and Director of Operations at Western Water Market

Kristina Ribellia, founder and director of operations at Western Water Market, joins host Alyssa Moir for this week’s episode, as the two discuss her journey to create an efficient network to match the needs of buyers and sellers in the water rights marketplace.

10 May 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Managing Climate Risk Through Intelligent Engineering Controls and Infrastructure With Erin Rothman, CEO and Founder of StormSensor

On this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Molly Barker is joined by Erin Rothman, CEO and founder of StormSensor, a climate technology company working with cities across the nation to combat urban flooding due to climate change.

22 April 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Designing Sustainable Food Systems From Cradle to Grave: How the State of Rhode Island's Director of Food Strategy is Tackling 21st Century Obstacles

Our global economy has never produced as much food as it generates today. On this episode, we talk with Rhode Island’s Director of Food Strategy Julie Stelmaszyk.

30 March 2022
Sustainable Outlook: The Push to Modernize the Grid From Smart Buildings With Courtney Blodgett, Director of Strategy at Edo

On this week’s episode of Sustainable Outlook, Molly Barker of K&L Gates interviews Courtney Blodgett of Edo, which is a startup energy venture that works to enable building-to-grid integration and reduce building costs for clients by utilizing clean energy and innovative design solutions.

16 March 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Promoting Economic Vitalization and Community Development With Johanna Bartee

On this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Elizabeth Crouse discusses sustainable economic development through Community Development Financial Institutions (CFDIs) with Johanna Bartee.

02 March 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Sustainability and Equity in the Maritime Industry With Jennifer States of Washington Maritime Blue

On this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Elizabeth Crouse discusses sustainability and equity in the maritime industry with Jennifer States, VP of Projects and Strategy at Washington Maritime Blue.

18 February 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Developing Solar and Storage Technologies with Holly Christie of Hecate Energy

On this episode of Sustainable Outlook, host Elizabeth Crouse speaks with Holly Christie, the General Counsel of Hecate Energy.

06 January 2022
Sustainable Outlook: Environmental and Social Responsibility with Acorn International: Part II

In this part two of this series with Acorn International, host Elizabeth Crouse continues her discussion with Grace Russell, a biologist and environmental consultant with a focus on marine policy for Acorn International. 

9 December 2021
Environmental and Social Responsibility with Acorn International: Part I

In this two-part series of Sustainable Outlook, host Elizabeth Crouse talks environmental and social responsibility with Acorn International, a full-service consulting company to global businesses.

24 November 2021
Sustainable Outlook: Transparency, Unity, and Community with Elizabeth Jones, founder of The Equality Equation

On this episode of Sustainable Outlook, Elizabeth Crouse speaks with Elizabeth Jones on The Equality Equation's mission to facilitate economic equality by developing impoverished communities into flourishing neighborhoods.

11 November 2021
Sustainable Outlook: The People, Planet, and Profit Sustainability Agenda at Starbucks with Suzanne Tedrow, Director of Sustainability - Global Store Development

Host Elizabeth Crouse speaks with Suzanne Tedrow, Director of Sustainability - Global Store Development at Starbucks, on their “people positive agenda” and the multi-department building model that makes Starbucks an industry leader in sustainability.

29 October 2021
Sustainable Outlook: 100% Renewable Energy, 100% for Humanity with Sandra Kwak, founder of 10Power

Host Elizabeth Crouse of K&L Gates sits down with Sandra Kwak, founder of 10Power, on this week's episode of Sustainable Outlook.

30 September 2021
Welcome to Sustainable Outlook

Partners Elizabeth Crouse and Elisabeth Yandell McNeil introduce this new podcast program, and describe how the program will explore the subject of building and maintaining a sustainable economy as it relates to our world today and into the future.

30 September 2021
Sustainable Outlook: The Future of Sustainable Forestry with Kristy Harlan of Weyerhaeuser

Kristy Harlan, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary at Weyerhaeuser, speaks with partner Alyssa Moir about the future of sustainable forestry.

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