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Top 5 Tips to Minimise Workplace Misconduct

Date: 28 March 2018

Labour, Employment and Workplace Safety partner, Christa Lenard, explains the top five ways you can effectively reduce workplace misconduct.


It is trite to say that the biggest workplace issue dominating headlines at the moment concerns workplace misconduct - claims of workplace bullying, sexual harassment and/or inappropriate use of position and power.

So what are the 5 most important things businesses need to do to minimise the risk of inappropriate workplace conduct?

1. Get your house in order - this means ensuring you've got useable, updated policies on appropriate workplace conduct. These policies need to be applied across the entire organisation and applicable to everyone.

2. Train your people - acknowledging policies at induction is great, but it's not enough. Annual training is recommended and again, not just for managers and employees, but also your Executives, the Board and any regular visitors or contractors who may be on site.

3. Act promptly when put on notice of a complaint - an employee may raise a grievance with a manger or HR and ask that it go no further. Or Management may become aware of inappropriate conduct but not do something unless a complaint is raised. Neither is an option. Once on notice, ensure the matter is dealt with properly - this means, confidentially, impartially and according to your Company's policy.

4. Act consistently - this is important in demonstrating procedural fairness and ensuring your people have the confidence to raise an issue early.

5. Bullying and harassment is a WHS issue - it can give rise to serious psychological claims and will affect the wellbeing of your staff. So incorporate your management of these matters with your business' broader WHS management system. Employees, Management and the Executive all have a part to play in ensuring the workplace remains a safe and healthy place for all.

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