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Global Employer Solutions
K&L Gates’ interactive Global Employer Guide provides a quick, concise summary of the main employment law requirements of nearly 20 countries in which we operate. Read our guide.

Many businesses today operate on a global scale, employing staff across numerous countries, while others rely on an increasingly mobile global workforce. A host of economic and demographic factors are shaping this trend, including a growing global population but shrinking working age population; a scramble for talent in fast-growth regional and sector markets; a slow recovery of major economies; and an increase in cross-border migration. These market forces have spurred a growing demand for advice focused on the needs of global workplaces.

Challenges for Global Companies
As companies expand into new countries, they face increased exposure to workplace risk. It is critical for companies to understand the legal landscapes and cultural nuances specific to regions in which they operate in order to properly mitigate risk in cross-border transactions, ensure benefits compliance, and establish global personnel policies. With personnel expenses forming a significant portion of a global company’s total operating expenses, properly managing workplace risk is a critical business issue.

How We Help
Our cross-disciplinary Global Employer Solutions® team includes more than 200 lawyers across the firm’s global platform who collaborate across borders and practices to provide efficient client service, regardless of location. Our team draws from the deep experience of our lawyers in employment, workplace safety, immigration, benefits, tax, executive compensation, compliance, and investigations. Whether entering new markets, growing through acquisition or merger, or downsizing, we help global employers balance the competing demands of global operational needs and local laws and regulations.

Areas of Practice