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Timothy P. Walker, Ph.D.

In the matter of Certain Robotic Vacuum Cleaning Devices and Components Thereof Such as Spare Parts, Inv. No. 337-TA-1057 (USITC)--Represented respondents BISSELL Homecare, Inc., and Matsutek
Nomos Corporation v. Zmed, Inc. (D.Mass.)--Represented Zmed in patent infringement case regarding 3D imaging in a medical device. Defense verdict after jury trial; settled on appeal.
General Atomics v. Axis-Shield (ND Cal and Federal Circuit)-- Lead counsel for Axis-Shield. Patent infringement case regarding enzymatic assay for amino acid in blood.
In the matter of Certain Coenzyme Q10 Products and Methods of Making Same, Inv. No. 337-TA-790 (USITC); Kaneka Corporation v. Xiamen Kingdomway (CD Cal.; Fed. Cir.) — Lead counsel for respondent and defendant Shenzhou Biology and Technology Co., Ltd. Patent infringement case regarding industrial production of Coenzyme Q10 by fermentation. Finding of no violation by ITC ALJ affirmed by Commission. In Central District of California, summary judgment of non-infringement affirmed in part, vacated in part and remanded; successful Daubert motion against technical expert; case settled before trial.
Hunter Douglas v. Ching Feng (ND Cal.)--Lead counsel for Ching Feng. Patent infringement suit regarding window blind mechanisms. Pending litigation.
Elonex v. Lite-On (D.Del.)--Represented Lite-On Technology Corporat in patent infringement case involving computer monitor power saving mode signaling. Case settled.
In the matter of Wireless Consumer Electronics Devices and Components Thereof, Inv. No. 337-TA-853 (USITC); TPL v. Acer (ND Cal.)--Patent infringement case regarding CPU clocking; lead counsel for Acer. Finding of no violation at ITC, confirmed by Commission. Settled at district court.
Phenix Longhorn LLC v. Wistron (EDTX)--Representing Wistron in patent infringement suit respecting gamma correction to LCD displays. Pending litigation.
Novatel v. Franklin and ZTE: Asserted patent infringement of pioneering patents on mobile cellular WiFi hotspot
SPH America LLC v. Acer, Inc., et al. (SD Cal.)--Represented Novatel. Patent infringement case involving patent for wireless channel modulation methods. Case settled.
DNT v. Sprint, et al. (ED VA)--Represented defendant Novatel. Patent infringement case involving plug-in wireless modems. Represented Novatel at jury trial; defense verdict.
In re Certain Semiconductor Chips with Minimized Chip Package Size and Products Containing Same, 337-TA-605 (USITC)--Represented respondent Spansion, Inc., in patent infringement investigation regarding integrated circuit package design analyzed using finite element analysis. Expert report preparation; preparation of technical witness cross-examination.
Cable & Wireless Internet Services, Inc. v. Akami Technologies, Inc. (ND Cal.)--Represented Cable & Wireless in patent infringement litigation regarding network routing protocols.
In the matter of Certain Batteries and Electrochemical Devices Containing Composite Separators, Components Thereof, and Products Containing Same, Inv. No. 337-TA-1087 (USITC) -Represented respondent ATL in patent infringement investigation regarding porous lithium ion battery separators. Case settled after hearing.
Elm 3DS Innovations, LLC v. SK hynix (D.Del.)--Representing SK hynix in patent infringement suit respecting stacked integrated circuit design. Pending litigation.
In the matter of Certain Dynamic Random Access Memory and NAND Flash Memory Devices and Products Containing Same, Inv. 337-TA-803 (USITC)--Represented SK Hynix. Patent infringement investigation relating to memory chip design. Case settled before hearing.
Isola USA Corp. v. Taiwan Union Technology Corporation (D.AZ)--Patent infringement suit regarding epoxy resins. Lead counsel for TUC; presented claim construction; argued summary judgment; lead defense attorney in jury trial
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