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Xinyi Zhang

Xinyi Zhang is a patent technical specialist at the firm, and she is a member of the IP Procurement and Portfolio Management practice group.

In her previous role at the firm, Xinyi drafted patent application and claim amendments, as well as prosecuted patent applications before or in response to office action from Patent and Trademark Office in Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, and United States. She searched and analyzed scientific publications, technical documents and patent literatures for Freedom-to-operate examination and patentability analysis.

Xinyi recently completed her Doctorate in Philosophy at Yale University, studying cellular and molecular physiology and metabolic drug T enhancing immunotherapy in melanoma at Yale University. She has studied and researched metabolic drugs and patterns with immunotherapy, tumor-related fatigue, distinct immunogenicity, neuron projection in response to glucose metabolism, and stem cell research. She has proficient skills in biology, biochemistry, and cellular biology.

This is a temporary biography. A complete biography will be available soon.

  • X. Zhang, A. Halberstam, W. Zhu, B. Leitner, D. Thakral, M. Bosenberg and R. Perry (2022) Isotope Tracing Reveals Distinct Substrate Preference in Murine Melanoma Subtypes with Differing Anti-Tumor Immunity, under revision at Cancer&Metabolism
  • X. Zhang, W. Lee, B. Leitner, W. Zhu, Z. Li, R. Gaspar, A. Halberstam, B. Robles, J. Rabinowitz and R. Perry (2022) Drug D as a novel pharmaceutical treatment for cancer-related fatigue in melanoma, under revision at Journal of Experimental Medicine
  • Z. Li, X. Zhang, W. Zhu, Q. Xu, C. Yu, B. Costa Lima, X. Li, K. Israni-Winger, A. Nasiri, C. Zhang, R. Chang, J. Hwang, A. Wang and R. Perry (2022) Identifying the Role and Mechanism by Which GDF15 Enhances the Counterregulatory Response to Hypoglycemia, Abstract accepted by Diabetes, 71(Supplement_1):374-P,
  • N. Akingbesote, A. Norman, W. Zhu, A. Halberstam, X. Zhang, J. Foldi, M. Lustberg and R. Perry (2022) A Precision Medicine Approach to Metabolic Therapy for Breast Cancer in Mice, Communications Biology, volume 5, Article number: 478 (2022),
  • B. Leitner, S. Siebel, N. Akingbesote, X. Zhang and R. Perry, (2022) Insulin and Cancer: A Tangled Web, Biochemical Journal, 2022 Mar 18;479(5):583-607.
  • B. Leitner, W. Lee, W. Zhu, X. Zhang, R. Gaspar, Z. Li, J. Rabinowitz, and R. Perry (2022) Tissue-Specific and Interorgan Metabolic Reprogramming Maintains Tolerance to Sepsis, under revision in Molecular Metabolism
  • Independent reviewer for Cancer Communications, Scientific Reports, Cancer&Metabolism, Nature Reviews Cancer
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