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Peter N. Coneski

Peter Coneski is a senior scientific advisor in the firm’s Health Care and FDA practice. Prior to joining the firm, Peter was a scientist at an international law firm where he evaluated global regulatory compliance and safety of food additives and food contact materials in the US and other jurisdictions (Canada, European Union, South America, and Asia). He also developed strategic testing plans and protocols for analytical data acquisition that support industry filings to regulatory agencies globally, such as FDA Food Contact Notifications, Food Additive Petitions, and Generally Recognized as Safe Notifications (and equivalents). Peter assisted clients with preparation of declarations of compliance, assurance statements, and general product stewardship activities for regulated products, as well as advised clients on global sustainability initiatives, Extended Producer Responsibility schemes, and compliance with emerging legislations concerning the same.

Peter has mentored, overseen, and trained technical and nontechnical professionals in all matters relating to regulatory compliance assessments, scientific data analysis, and regulatory filings for food additives and food contact materials.


  • Carboxybetaine-functionalized diols, US Patent 9,206,114, 2015
  • Carboxybetaine-functionalized diols and zwitterionic polyurethane hydrogels derived therefrom, Patent Number 9,139,684, 2015
  • American Chemical Society, 2006 - present
  • Materials Research Society, 2009 - present
  • “Using Analytical Tools to Assess Compliance with the Purity Requirements in Global Food-Contact Regulations” P.N. Coneski, 254th ACS National Meeting, Washington, DC, 2017
  • “From Benchtop to Marketplace: Using Analytical Chemistry to Support Regulatory Compliance” P.N. Coneski, 252nd ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, 2016
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