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Andrew L. Reibman

Fax +1.212.536.3901

Mr. Reibman represents clients in intellectual property matters, including patent and trademark preparation and prosecution, IP licensing and corporate transactions, and IP litigation. Mr. Reibman has a strong technical and business background, and long experience in both patent and trademark prosecution and contentious matters. He advises clients on IP strategy, setting up or improving IP creation programs, licensing, IP clearance for new products, IP issues and diligence related to corporate transactions, and planning IP enforcement programs. He also has handled many sales and purchases of IP assets, including a number of bankruptcy-related transactions.

Mr. Reibman has extensive business experience in software and telecommunication networks, and worked 8 years at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Mr. Reibman frequently represents clients, from high tech startups to large enterprises, who have legal issues related to computer software, hardware, and networks. Relevant computer technologies he has worked with include operating systems, cloud computing, virtualization, databases and data warehousing, fault-tolerant computing, network architecture and routing, wireless LANs, network testing, system and network administration, RAM and flash memory, fault detection, security and encryption, cable television, optoelectronics and optical communication, semiconductors, computer architecture, disk drives and storage architecture, image and signal processing, machine learning and pattern recognition, RFID, Fintech, and digital advertising and marketing, and online betting and gaming.

Mr. Reibman also regularly represents clients in other technology areas, for example:

  • medical devices -- including cardiac stents, digital mammography, cardiac imaging, blood filters, infusion pumps, robotic surgical systems, cold chain management, historical temperature indicators for vaccines and biologics, and safety syringes;
  • construction and building materials -- including bridges, fiberglass doors and windows, modular construction technology, concrete technology, and drywall patches;
  • pharmaceuticals, plastics manufacturing, food, beverage and agriculture, consumer products, aircraft technology and maintenance, automotive technology, and railroad equipment.
Patent Prosecution
Mr. Reibman manages patent prosecution dockets for both large and small clients. He has helped many clients organize invention disclosure collection and review processes, and often participates as a working member of clients’ internal intellectual property management teams.

Representative engagements have included:
  • Managing preparation and prosecution of hundreds of patents for a large publically traded software company.
  • Advice on overall IP strategy and clearance, and manage preparation and prosecution of over one hundred patents for a medical device company with a worldwide market.
  • Advice on IP strategy and worldwide patent prosecution for an ethanol production technology company.
  • Advice on IP strategy and worldwide patent prosecution for a syringe technology developer.
  • Help numerous startups, particularly software and medical device startups, develop a business-oriented IP strategy and establish their initial patent filing programs.  
Licensing and Transactions
Mr. Reibman also advises on numerous IP transactions, including patent and trademark licenses, joint development agreements, and joint ventures.

Representative engagements have included:
  • Handled exclusive license transaction for a polymer technology for use in the medical field.
  • Advise on numerous plant license transactions for major petrochemical production facilities.
  • Advise numerous joint development agreement and licenses for catalysts, additives, and other technology for plastics and other petrochemical production.
  • Advise on IP issues related to proprietary plants in connection with several major farm real estate transaction.
  • Advise on joint development transactions and licenses for sustainable, green production of chemical feedstocks.
  • Acquisition of trademarks and domain names in the digital payment space
  • Handle renegotiation/amendment of critical licenses for a major chemical company whose licensor was acquired by its main competitor; assist with related prosecution and settlement of antitrust claim related to the acquisition.
  • Advice on licensing patented oil platform technology
  • Advise Phase II pharmaceutical startup on compound licenses, method of treatment licenses, and joint development agreements with device manufacturers.
IP in Bankruptcy and Restructuring
Mr. Reibman has extensive experience on IP issues arising in restructuring and bankruptcy. He regularly participates as an advisor on IP issues in bankruptcy matters handled by the firm’s bankruptcy group, and also has handled numerous bankruptcy and foreclosure-related IP asset purchases and sales. He has been involved in bankruptcy related transactions involving all types of intellectual property in numerous industries including foods & beverage, consumer appliances, electronics and computer technology, retailing, construction products, publishing, sports equipment, and oil and gas services.

Representative matters include:
  • Served as a Federal Court-appointed receiver handling the sale of a patent involved in a pending patent litigation, also appearing as named nominal plaintiff in the patent litigation during the transaction.
  • Advice on IP issues to purchaser of the name and IP assets of a famous retail jewelry store in a Section 363 sale.
  • Advice on IP issues to purchaser of a well-known housewares store retail brand in a Section 363 sale.
  • Advice on IP issues to creditor in the court-ordered sale, of trade secret and know how assets of an oil services / fracking technology company in a Federal Bankruptcy Proceeding.
  • Advice on IP issues to creditor in sale of IP assets of a major kitchen cabinet and lab equipment manufacturer, including both brands and designs, acquired through a state court Article 9 foreclosure proceeding.
  • Represent the purchaser of a well-known snack food brand in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation.
  • Represent secured creditor in management of the IP portfolio failed solar technology venture.
  • Handle IP issues related to the purchase of several famous consumer appliance brands out of bankruptcy, and subsequent licensing and sale of the acquired portfolio.
  • Advise on purchase of medical device patent from administratively dissolved/inactive entity, including obtaining releases from creditors and quieting title.
  • Advice on joint development and license agreements with counter-party under supervision of a Federal Bankruptcy Court.
  • Advice on issues related to proprietary plants subject to patents, plant variety protections, and other contractual protections incident to potential eviction and/or foreclosure proceedings on an underlying farm property.
  • Advice regarding investment in a distressed entity where the major assets were intellectual property subject to numerous encumbrances and bankruptcy proceedings in multiple countries.
Mr. Reibman regularly provides IP advice related to corporate M&A and investment transactions and, working with the firm’s M&A and venture capital groups, particularly when the transactions have a large IP component.

Representative corporate transactions where he has advised on IP matters include:
  • IP advice in connection with the Firm’s handling of the purchase of numerous pharmaceutical products in one of the largest FTC mandated pharmaceutical product divestures.
  • Advice on IP issues related to acquisition of pharmaceutical manufacturing technology and related products.
  • Advice on IP issues in several purchases of digital advertising technology companies on behalf of a private equity buyer.
  • Advise on IP issues, including prior and ongoing contentious matters, in a joint venture transaction for a major construction project using proprietary modular construction technology.
  • Advice on IP issues related to the acquisition of a construction company focused on nuclear reactor repair.
  • Provide intellectual property advice and diligence related to a Series B investment in a cancer therapeutics startup.
Fintech and Financial Services IP
Mr. Reibman has represented private equity and hedge funds, securities exchanges, banks, and other financial institutions in both patent and trademark matters.
As a member of the firm’s Fintech group Mr. Reibman advises a range of clients on intellectual property issues in the Fintech space, including both tech startups and larger established clients.

Representative engagements have included:
  • Patent Prosecution related to distributed secure digital currency technology, including both blockchain-based approaches, and alternative distributed secure currency systems.
  • Intellectual property clearance, transactional and patent procurement advice related to virtual currencies and alternative exchange mechanisms for consumer loyalty, online gaming, and other applications.
  • Patent prosecution, clearance, and transactional advice in connection with an international remittance systems.
  • Patent prosecution and transaction advice related to web-based mobile payment sharing system.
  • Negotiate technology and software licenses related to mortgage servicing
  • Patent prosecution and clearance related to trading technology, fund management financial indices, and derivatives.
Artificial Intelligence
A published researcher in Artificial Intelligence prior to becoming a lawyer, Mr. Reibman is a member of the firm’s Artificial Intelligence practice group.
His clients have included startups and established companies involved in various AI and machine learning technologies, including autonomous vehicles, automated document processing, factory automation, routing and transportation, speech synthesis and recognition, automated video analysis, consumer recommendation systems, financial fraud detection industrial control, retail store management, security and safety monitoring, and other areas.

Trademarks & Branding
Mr. Reibman has handled numerous trademark matters, many for well-known consumer brands in electronics, food & beverages, cosmetics, financial services and other areas. He has experience in trademark oppositions and cancellation proceedings, and with trademark enforcement and licensing.

As a patent attorney who handles trademarks, Mr. Reibman also has substantial experience with design protection, trade dress, and design patents, for white label health care products, food and beverages; shoes, tires, apparel, and in other industries.

Latin America Practice
Mr. Reibman is a member of the firm’s Latin America Practice. He has long represented several major international companies based in Brazil and Mexico. He also represents numerous smaller companies and tech startups in Brazil and elsewhere in Latin America, in a range of industries. 

Betting and Gaming
Mr. Reibman is a member of the firm’s betting and gaming practice group, and has advised clients on IP issues in the gaming, lottery, casino, and Internet wagering industries. He has worked on over a hundred patent matters in this area and helped litigate several patent infringement cases related to games and gaming machines.

Patent and Trademark Litigation
While not a trial lawyer, Mr. Reibman regularly works with the firm’s litigation groups on patent litigations, particularly those where his technical background and/or patent prosecution experience are helpful.

Representative litigations he has been involved with have included:
  • PACID ID v. Best Buy (E.D. TX.) (representing Icom, Inc. and Icom America Inc. on patent case involving wireless networks)
  • PT Diagnostics, LLC v, Deutsche Lufhansa AG, et al (E.D.Tx) (representing Lufthansa German Airlines and affiliates in a patent case involving aircraft engine monitoring and maintenance systems)
  • Echelon Corp. v. Wet-N-Stick LLC, et al (S.D.N.Y) (representing John Wagner Assocs. Inc. in a patent case involving drywall patches)
  • Cerveceria Modelo, S.A. DE C.V. v. MJ International Corp. (S.D.N.Y) (representing Cerveceria Modelo in case involving grey market beer imports)
  • Two Faced Cosmetics, Inc. v. Almar Sales Co., Inc. et al (C.D. Cal) (representing defendant in cosmetics trade dress and trademark infringement litigation)