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Hydrogen Rising

Hydrogen is rapidly emerging as a global energy source and with it will come significant regulatory and policy considerations. In our Hydrogen Rising podcast, our global hydrogen team of lawyers and policy professionals discuss significant issues and interesting developments impacting the hydrogen market. From commercial and contractual considerations, to policy initiatives at national and local levels, to major regulatory advancements ensuring access to markets and adequacy of safety regimes, we are focused on the issues that matter to the industry

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13 January 2021
Opportunities for Hydrogen in the Biden Administration

Laurie Purpuro and David Wochner discuss with host Sandi Safro potential opportunities for development of a U.S. hydrogen economy under a Biden Administration.

16 December 2020
Incentives and Tax Issues Impacting the Australian Hydrogen Sector

Clive Cachia and Betsy-Ann Howe discuss with host David Wochner government incentives programs for and tax considerations impacting foreign investment in the hydrogen industry Down Under.

2 December 2020
Japan's Road Map for a Hydrogen Economy

Eric Sedlak and Sandi Safro explore Japan’s interest in and road map for hydrogen development, as well as concrete steps that Japan is taking.

18 November 2020
Very Long Duration Storage

Bill Holmes, Mike O’Neill, and David Wochner discuss very long duration storage and impacts on hydrogen and broader energy markets.

5 November 2020
Singapore's Potential Role in a Regional and Global Hydrogen Economy

Lian Yok Tan and Sandra Safro discuss the development of and support for hydrogen projects in Singapore, whether Singapore may serve as a hub in the hydrogen economy, and how hydrogen pricing may evolve as compared to other global energy commodities.

23 October 2020
Hydrogen Rising: EU and UK Hydrogen Strategies and Incentives

Giovanni Campi, Francis Iyayi, and David Wochner discuss present and future hydrogen incentives offered within the European Union and the United Kingdom.

21 October 2020
Hydrogen Rising: A Sustainable Energy Source on the Brink of Commercial Scale Development

Sandra Safro and David Wochner kick-off Hydrogen Rising with a discussion about how hydrogen is on the brink of commercial scale development, highlighting governmental incentives and potential challenges facing the industry.

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