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Hydrogen Rising

Hydrogen is rapidly emerging as a global energy source and with it will come significant regulatory and policy considerations. In our Hydrogen Rising podcast, our global hydrogen team of lawyers and policy professionals discuss significant issues and interesting developments impacting the hydrogen market. From commercial and contractual considerations, to policy initiatives at national and local levels, to major regulatory advancements ensuring access to markets and adequacy of safety regimes, we are focused on the issues that matter to the industry

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24 November 2021
Hydrogen Rising: COP26, the Clean Energy Economy, and Hydrogen

In this episode of Hydrogen Rising, co-hosts David Wochner and Sandra Safro speak with Eric Holdsworth, Managing Director for Clean Energy and Environmental Policy at EEI about his experience at the recent COP26 conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

11 November 2021
Hydrogen Rising: It Really is Infrastructure Week! Congress Passes Historic Infrastructure Bill Offering Massive Opportunities for the Build Out of the Hydrogen Economy.

Co-hosts David Wochner from K&L Gates and Sandra Safro from the Edison Electric Institute are joined by Laurie Purpuro, Government Affairs Advisor at K&L Gates and former Senior Advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Energy, to discuss the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and to review each provision of the IIJA that will benefit the hydrogen industry.

27 October 2021
Hydrogen Rising: Hydrogen and the Maritime Sector, Part 2: Policy and Legislative Issues

Co-hosts David Wochner from K&L Gates and Sandra Safro from the Edison Electric Institute sit down with Jim Sartucci and Elle Stuart, members of the K&L Gates Maritime and Public Policy teams, to discuss the most important issues for the industry in the energy transition.

8 October 2021
Celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day – A Conversation with Dr. Sunita Satyapal, Director of the U.S. Department of Energy's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office

In honor of National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day in the United States, Dr. Sunita Satyapal, Director of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office, sits down with Hydrogen Rising co-hosts David Wochner and Sandra Safro to discuss the role of her office in helping build out the U.S. hydrogen economy, including the new DOE Hydrogen Shot initiative, collaboration with the private sector, and areas of international cooperation.

29 September 2021
Getting Registered: M-RETS Renewable Thermal Certificates

In this episode, Sandi Safro of the Edison Electric Institute and guest co-host, K&L Gates partner Buck Endemann, speak with Ben Gerber, President and CEO of M-RETS, about Renewable Thermal Certificates and their application to molecule-based components of a clean energy economy, like hydrogen. 

15 September 2021
Hydrogen and the Maritime Sector, Part I: Introduction to the Industry

Co-hosts David Wochner and Sandi Safro talk with K&L Gates partner and former U.S. Coast Guard officer, Luke Reid, about the potential adoption of hydrogen as a fuel source for the maritime sector, and opportunities and challenges the global shipping industry faces as it tries to reduce its emissions profile.

1 September 2021
Creating Demand: Australia's Star Scientific, a Demand-Side Hydrogen Activator

Andrew Horvath, Global Group Chairman of Australia’s Star Scientific, speaks with Hydrogen Rising co-hosts David Wochner and Kelly Davies about the Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser (HERO®), his company’s award-winning, breakthrough catalyst technology. 

11 August 2021
Big News at Hydrogen Rising and August Holiday

Co-hosts Sandra Safro and David Wochner briefly discuss the U.S. Senate passage of the major infrastructure legislation and its hydrogen provisions, as well as significant news for one of the Hydrogen Rising co-hosts.  

28 July 2021
Plugging Away: Plug Power Advances the Hydrogen Ecosystem in Europe

Hydrogen Rising co-hosts David Wochner and Sandra Safro spend time with Ms. Corine Dubruel, the Vice President for Public Affairs of Plug Power Europe.

14 July 2021
Sizing up the Scale of MENA's Potential Role in the Hydrogen Economy

In this episode of Hydrogen Rising, co-hosts David Wochner and Sandi Safro speak with Pawel Piotrowski of K&L Gates’ Doha office and Sholto Hanvey of the firm’s Dubai office about the potential role that the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region will play in a global hydrogen economy.

30 June 2021
Taking a Regional Approach to Hydrogen: A Conversation with DC-based Connected DMV

In this episode of Hydrogen Rising, co-hosts David Wochner and Sandi Safro talk with Connected DMV’s Rick Moore and Matt Erskine about how this self-described “do” tank is working to advance a major hydrogen initiative for the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, including the establishment of the National Capital Area Hydrogen Center and a Hydrogen “Greenprint.”

16 June 2021
U.S. Tax Incentives, Part 2: The View from Capitol Hill

K&L Gates’ Government Affairs Counselor Mary Burke Baker talks with Hydrogen Rising co-host David Wochner about the current state of play on Capitol Hill regarding infrastructure and clean energy legislation, the politics of securing a bipartisan deal, the power of Senator Joe Manchin, and the potential path forward for tax legislation that incentivizes the development of the hydrogen economy.

2 June 2021
U.S. Tax Incentives: New Opportunities for Hydrogen Investments

In part one of a two-part series, K&L Gates’ Seattle partner and leader of the firm’s Renewable Energy Tax practice, Elizabeth Crouse, speaks with Hydrogen Rising co-host David Wochner about federal tax incentives for hydrogen, including pros and cons related to the 45Q tax credit and a discussion of U.S. Senator Tom Carper’s new legislation specifically promoting investments in hydrogen. 

19 May 2021
Fuel Cells & Beyond: Cummins & the Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Rising co-hosts Sandra Safro and David Wochner welcome to the podcast Traci Kraus, Director of Government Relations for Cummins Inc., to discuss Cummins’ role in the development of the hydrogen economy, the opportunities and applications Cummins sees on the horizon, and the chances for advancement of the U.S. hydrogen industry on Capitol Hill and in the new Biden Administration.

5 May 2021
France: The Growth and Evolution of the Hydrogen Economy

France was among the first nations to issue a national hydrogen plan and recently has taken significant steps to continue to support the growth of a hydrogen economy. In this episode, Hydrogen Rising co-host Sandi Safro discusses these developments with K&L Gates’ European colleagues Mélanie Bruneau and Antoine de Rohan Chabot, including France’s efforts to increase the use of hydrogen in the transportation sector and the development of regulatory frameworks around certificates of origin and traceability.

21 April 2021
Wading In: Water Resource Issues in the Development of the Hydrogen Economy

K&L Gates' Environment, Land, and Natural Resources partner Alyssa Moir discusses with co-host David Wochner issues associated with water resources and the development of hydrogen at scale, specifically addressing U.S. legal regimes governing water use and possible innovations that could assist hydrogen market developers deal with challenges presented by the huge quantities of water required for green hydrogen.

7 April 2021
From Concept to Market - H2 Advances in Germany

In this episode, K&L Gates’ Berlin partner Annette Mutschler-Siebert and Hydrogen Rising co-host Sandi Safro discuss hydrogen developments in Germany, including the shift from the R&D phase to projects.

24 March 2021
Hydrogen Is Truly Rising -- Opportunities for the Aviation Industry

Co-hosts Sandra Safro and David Wochner welcome to the podcast Paul Gloyer and Tim Lewis of Gloyer-Taylor Laboratories, or GTL, a Tennessee-based technology company working on game-changing solutions in the energy transition -- revolutionizing the emissions-intensive aviation industry through the development of a safe, economic, and efficient means for fueling aircraft with hydrogen.

10 March 2021
California's Role in the Hydrogen Economy

San Francisco partner Buck Endemann discusses with Hydrogen Rising host David Wochner the state-of-play for hydrogen in the Golden State, including a discussion about Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent budget proposal and the opportunities for hydrogen under the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).

24 February 2021
The Colors of Hydrogen: Simple or Oversimplified?

Sandra Safro and David Wochner welcome IHS Markit’s Alex Klaessig to the podcast to discuss the color taxonomy of hydrogen and the benefits and challenges that a simplified nomenclature presents.

10 February 2021
LNG and LH2 Exports: Potential Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons Learned

Clive Cachia and Josh Spry talk with host, Sandi Safro, about potential takeaways for LH2 from LNG, as well as the role that Australia may play as a hydrogen exporter.

27 January 2021
Leveraging the Existing U.S. Natural Gas Pipeline System for Hydrogen Transportation

David Wochner and Sandi Safro discuss the potential to use the mature, robust existing U.S. natural gas pipeline system to transport hydrogen, including current hurdles and possible paths forward.

13 January 2021
Opportunities for Hydrogen in the Biden Administration

Laurie Purpuro and David Wochner discuss with host Sandi Safro potential opportunities for development of a U.S. hydrogen economy under a Biden Administration.

16 December 2020
Incentives and Tax Issues Impacting the Australian Hydrogen Sector

Clive Cachia and Betsy-Ann Howe discuss with host David Wochner government incentives programs for and tax considerations impacting foreign investment in the hydrogen industry Down Under.

2 December 2020
Japan's Road Map for a Hydrogen Economy

Eric Sedlak and Sandi Safro explore Japan’s interest in and road map for hydrogen development, as well as concrete steps that Japan is taking.

18 November 2020
Very Long Duration Storage

Bill Holmes, Mike O’Neill, and David Wochner discuss very long duration storage and impacts on hydrogen and broader energy markets.

5 November 2020
Singapore's Potential Role in a Regional and Global Hydrogen Economy

Lian Yok Tan and Sandra Safro discuss the development of and support for hydrogen projects in Singapore, whether Singapore may serve as a hub in the hydrogen economy, and how hydrogen pricing may evolve as compared to other global energy commodities.

23 October 2020
Hydrogen Rising: EU and UK Hydrogen Strategies and Incentives

Giovanni Campi, Francis Iyayi, and David Wochner discuss present and future hydrogen incentives offered within the European Union and the United Kingdom.

21 October 2020
Hydrogen Rising: A Sustainable Energy Source on the Brink of Commercial Scale Development

Sandra Safro and David Wochner kick-off Hydrogen Rising with a discussion about how hydrogen is on the brink of commercial scale development, highlighting governmental incentives and potential challenges facing the industry.

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