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Defense of Class Action Litigation in Federal Court

Date: 2018
By: Clare Tanner, Christopher M. Wyant, Ryan M. Tosi, Steven R. Valentine

K&L Gates LLP has published a treatise titled Defense of Class Action Litigation in Federal Court, which focuses on jurisprudence and practice under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23, the governing rule for class action practice in federal courts.

Unique in that its editors and contributing authors are primarily, and, in most cases, exclusively, experienced in defending rather than prosecuting class actions in federal court – with the lawyers having collectively defended hundreds of class actions in federal court – the treatise brings a perspective forged in considerable practical experience and seeks to present an informed, accurate, and balanced view of the state of the law in this area. As such, Defense of Class Action Litigation in Federal Court will be a useful guide to litigators involved in any class action, regardless of which side of the “v.” they represent.

Providing a soup-to-nuts review of the myriad issues presented in class litigation from initial jurisdictional issues to responding to the initial pleading, to issues of class discovery, the class certification process, settlement, and appeal, Defense of Class Action Litigation in Federal Court also addresses certain specific types of federal class action litigation such as antitrust, class actions in federal bankruptcy courts, international and cross-border class actions, and mass tort class actions.

The comprehensive 1,000-page volume was co-edited by K&L Gates Boston partners Bruce Allensworth and Andrew Glass, San Francisco partner Matt Ball and Seattle partner Todd Nunn and is the product of the efforts of a number of K&L Gates attorneys across the globe.

R. Bruce Allensworth
Lindsay S. Bishop
Gregory N. Blase
Jack Brodsky
Charles A. Dale III
Brian M. Forbes
Andrew C. Glass
Stacey L. Gorman
Matthew N. Lowe
David A. Mawhinney
Jennifer J. Nagle
Roger L. Smerage
Robert W. Sparkes, III
Ryan M. Tosi
Caiti A. Zeytoonian

Lauren Norris Donahue
John E. Susoreny

Emily K. Mather

San Francisco
Matthew G. Ball
Jason N. Haycock

J. Timothy Hobbs
Todd Nunn
Christopher M. Wyant

Washington, D.C.
Theresa A. Roozen
Elle M. Stuart
Steven R. Valentine

Uwe Lieschke

Neal Brendel
Jennifer Paterson

Johann von Pachelbel

Hong Kong 
Eldon KY Chan
Carey Kong
Christopher Tung

Oliver Bates
Jennifer Marsh
Edward Ryman
Clare Tanner

John Kelly

Valeria Giorgetti
Giampaolo Salsi

Louis Degos

Jan Markiewicz

K&L Gates, including many of the same authors, previously published an earlier treatise, which addresses class action practice in the state courts, appropriately titled State Class Actions.

Defense of Class Action Litigation in Federal Court is available in hard copy and online through Bloomberg Law. If you are interested in ordering a copy, please visit and use the code “AUTH18” for a 20% discount.

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